We match talent to enhance smart ideas while joining forces with the creative minds of advertising. We are part of the process that help execute projects from original concepts though finish. 

Whether is be traditional, social, live, VR – a la carte or soup to nuts we find solutions. We love art. We love people. And we love connecting the dots to make the best matches for when at ever each project aspires to be.

We believe in our talent and love thecommunity we call our home. Contact us today.

  • Instant Karma

    With offices in the US, Europe, and Asia, Instant Karma is a global media company that produces content with a diverse roster of talent with work comprised of world class film makers. As a carbon neutral company, Instant Karma plants 1,000 trees for each project in an effort to sustain our planet.

  • C41 Media

    A team of acclaimed filmmakers and season producers that specializes in capturing real moments whose stories are captured and play on screens in living rooms, festivals, cinemas and museums. These curators tell stories- some quirky, some serious, some bizarre, and some fun- yet always true to heart. Their offices are located in Chinatown and dim sum is always on the menu.

  • At Swim

    A collective of filmmakers that produces and directs with offices in Los Angeles and New York as well as satellites all over the globe.

  • Prism

    PRISM is a Brooklyn-based contemporary production company and creative studio founded by Tom Rossano and Elliot Kealoha Blanchard.

  • Cinema Street Pictures

    Dana Offenbach is an award winning Producer and member of the prestigious Producers Guild of America and New York Women in Film & Television.

  • Daughter Productions

    daughter is a full-service creative production company based in new york city. We focus on film & photo production as well as post production services.

  • Synthetic Pictures

    Synthetic is a company featuring artists and ideas that collaborate and produce content. Based in Los Angeles, New York and Austin, they have a broad spectrum of talent and film all over the world.

  • Wavemaker Creative

    Need a respite from your day and want to laugh out loud? Ira Rosensweig has the recipe for just that. Ira is the founding partner of Wavemaker Creative, which delivers award winning full service content featuring a cast of characters that are never boring and a lot of fun.

  • Lucky 21

    Based in Dallas, Lucky 21 is a full-service production company specializing in live action with a team of directors gifted in the arts of table top, comedy, and storytelling. With their sister company, Lucky Post, they are set up to work from inception. They produce all over the world and their mantra is they freaking love what they do.

  • Escape Velocity

    Escape Velocity Content is a full service film, commercial, digital and awesome content production company based in Southern California.

  • Milk & Honey

    A full production service facility with stages all over the world. Whether in Prague, Capetown, or Santiago, Milk & Honey can service all aspects of production within the globe.

  • We believe in our talent and love the community we call our home.

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